Saturday, April 3, 2010

6 Months Has Come and Gone

Keegan turned 6 months old on March 23. All day long all I could think about was "what was I doing this time 6 months ago?" Oh they started the pitocin, oh I got my epi, they realized I needed a c-section. My worries went from "when are they gonna get this baby out of me.....WOW to what doctor or specialist he is seeing when.

Monday the 29th we went to see Dr. Crecelius for his 6 month check-up. Everything looked good, he is weighing in at 20 lbs 12 oz, he is currently 26 inches long. His head circumfrence is 53 cm, up from the 46 cm at Dr. Walsh's office in the Fall. Dr. Crecelious is a little concerned about how large his head has grown so we have a CT scheduled for Thursday the 8th in the afternoon.

At the doctor's office we started getting all our referrals together for the various procedures and specialists we need to see. As it stands right now we are seeing a plastic surgeon on April 13th for the removal of Keegan's extra fingers and toe; while I think this should be a pretty cut and dry procedure I am obviously not a surgeon! On April 14th we are seeing a Pediatric Gastrointerologist for further testing into his extra gallbladder/cysts that were found WAYYYYY back Here. After birth the doctors haven't really focused on this AT ALL. Which is a bit concerning since we were followed by a Perinatologist for my entire pregnancy due to this finding. On May 6th we are going to see a Pediatric Opthamologist, the only one in our city! This is for his "lazy" eye and checking his vision for other problems. This leads us to our Semi-Annual appointment up at Dr. Walsh's office at Riley on May 28th. 

It's going to be a busy couple of months for us as far as in and out of doctors offices and procedures. We do have some big news on the AFP front, if you remember his AFP levels; although dropping, were pretty high from birth. In the fall they were hovering around 1500, when it was redrawn in January it dropped to the 500 area which was still higher than Dr. Walsh wanted it to be. Dr. Crecelious had it redrawn on Monday to find it was all the way to down to WAIT FOR IT............22! We are beyond excited since it is now in "normal" (between 11-300) area! This means NO CANCER! YEA! I did a little happy dance at my desk when the doctors office called to me this GREAT news!

Last but not least, we had Keegan's 6 month pictures taken at Penny's on his 6 month birthday. Here are some shots from that experience!

Have a very Happy Easter with Family and Friends!


  1. What beautiful pictures! I love reading your blog, you guys have really been put through the ringer but you are SO positive!


  2. So glad to hear no cancer! that's awesome. Happy 6 months, Keegan :)


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