Monday, June 1, 2009

18 Weeks......

Today we are 18 weeks along and I am lonely. Ryan left today for a business trip to Indiana PA and Chicago. He will be gone for a little over a week and will arrive home on Tuesday June 9. This week can not pass quick enough, even though I have a lot going on. Not too much new on the growing fetus front, keep on baking him/her till she/he is ready to make their appearance. I did have my 5 month check up last Friday. As noted in my previous post, all went well and I had my blood drawn because I knew that my thyroid levels were off ( I have been loosing a lot of hair both in the shower and when I straighten it). I called Dr. Mann to get my test results today and YEP, MY LEVELS WERE LOW! Not only am I glad I can read what my body is telling me but the fact that Dr. Inz off REFUSED to draw my blood a couple of weeks ago when my levels were off now amuses me!
This past week was also a "milestone" of sorts. We finally picked out the nursery furniture. It is as follows:
The dresser will have a contoured changing pad on top with diapers and wipes in one or both top drawers for the time being. We both agreed it would be a waste of money to purchase the matching changing table, which is pretty useless later in life. We have yet to pick out bedding BUT once we know if she is a she or he, GAME ON, mark my words. Speaking of our big ultrasound make sure you vote on the side panel for boys names (just in case baby chuppalupagus has a weiner.)
Best Moment of the Week: Locking into every piece of furniture for the nursery.
Movement: yep, its sporadic but there.
Food Cravings: BIG MAC, until yesterday, I fulfilled those hopes and dreams!
Gender: Girl, girl and girl, lets hope!
Labor Signs: None yet
Belly Button in or Out: In
Stretch Marks: yep!
What I miss: Coffee
What I am looking forward to: Our BIG ultrasound on 6/12/09
Milestones: Looking ridiculously pregnant!


  1. I think your belly might be bigger than mine now.

  2. I know a little one named Keegan...super cute


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