Sunday, January 9, 2011

Look What I Can Do!

So we have been home a month on January 6th! It's so good to spend so much time in a space we are more comfortable and love to be! We often found in between hospital stays Kee would take a step forward (developmentally) and then once we were in the hospital he would regress and would have to re-teach or re-show Keegan what we already knew he was capable of.

This past month has been FULL of steps forward, and in the right direction. No he is not walking yet, but I feel it is gonna be no time that he is mobile and on the GO, no holding him back! He has gone from laying in a hospital bed all day EVERYDAY to rolling, pushing up on his belly, moving around in his walker and standing on a chair to peer out the window! I have pictures to prove it:

Evidence 1:

Evidence #2:

Evidence #3:

And here is a video, he has turned into a regular chatterbox!

Chatterbox from Keegansmommy09 on Vimeo.

Thanks for hanging around, I know its been awhile since I have posted. Needless to say, I have a mover and a shaker on my hands!

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  1. Hey guys! I just found your blog via facebook and now I'm totally neglecting my kids to watch all the older posts. lol!! I LOVED hearing Mia start to talk. I bet you guys are loving this phase... the beginnings of talking. To think that all this time, it has just been "input" into that little child and now he is starting to produce "output" and TALK! How cool. :) Anyway, that's just what I think about and remember from your video! Can't wait until Keegan's immune system is strong enough that we can meet him!


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