Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Forgive me Blogger

Forgive me Blogger for I have sinned, it has been 10 whole days since I officially updated last and I have no excuse. I would like to be able to tell all my friends and followers out there that there is a good reason, like we are so busy playing that I forgot all about the blog.  While this is partially true; I can not tell and lie, I do usually have down time in my day, I just don't know how to manage my downtime.

Sometimes, to be quite honest, time just gets away from me. Our "new" typical day goes a little something like this. Keegan will wake up anywhere between 6-7:30 depending on the night before. He gets 4-5 medicines at 8 am depending on the day. We will hangout and watch the Today show and Kathy Lee and Hoda. Usually about this time he needs a bottle. Two days out of the five day work week we have PT and OT. They show up anywhere between 11-1. We sit down for lunch around 11:30 as long as he is not busy with Therapy. Per our "nutritionist" at Riley He gets one meat (protein) and either a veggie or fruit. Depending on how much of that he takes (which lately hasn't been much, he is cutting molars!) he may be a bottle of nutrin Jr. The afternoon is spent playing. We got from the living room to the kitchen in the afternoon . He LOVES our kitchen with the bright yellow and red walls. We also have spot lighting in there that he just loves to stare at. I let him bang on stuff for awhile while I am doing dishes, laundry and all the "fun" stuff I am responsible for. Usually he goes down for a late afternoon nap around 3:30 or 4 and sleeps for an hour or so. Daddy comes home at 5 and Grandma around the same time! Then its dinner around 6 or so. We hang out as a family and watch TV until his bedtime which is between 8 and 9.

I know it doesn't seem like much but once the day gets started it just has a tendency to get away from me. Add into that schedule trips every other week to Riley and last week we had a consult for speech therapy, days goes by pretty quick! Because of Keegan's low tone and the swallow studies he has continued to fail because of his low tone, we are bringing speech therapy on board; I believe its gonna be every other week.

There are so many things I want and need to fit into my day but haven't figured out to incorporate. For instance, and this can be directed to all the SAHM out there, I need to work on school work (which is all on the computer) and my crafting business but I don't really know how....Keegan can't go in the basement with me because we don't know if there is mold down there or not and we can't take the risk with his transplant and all......I don't like to commit myself to work on school stuff if he is gonna need me for something else and I like to knock out a whole lesson or so when I do sit down to work on it. I don't know, any suggestions would be most helpful! I have figured out how to incorporate a half hour every other day on the treadmill, that was a godsend.

Keegan is doing good. He wants to move SO BADLY! You can just tell that he wants to go go go! We think he might walk before he crawls. He doesn't pull up on anything he just uses his leg muscles and goes right up! Its amazing! This kid never ceases to amaze me! His hair is also growing back. Its getting longer and thicker-I am in love! He has been a little cuddle bug lately as well. Its so fun now that he is more aware of his surroundings and interacting with us in a give take kinda way. I know most people take this step for granted, it usually just kinda happens for most babies and they are still rather young, but with Keegan we aren't taking anything for granted and have the tendency to make a HUGE deal out of every step he takes!

He does have an MRI scheduled for February 8th. We are asking supporters to wear green that day in support of him getting a nice clean scan. You can upload pics of you and your family wearing your green to our facebook page Karing for Keegan or you can send them to me at my gmail address and I will post to FB.

I know I have said this before, but it won't be so long between posts, PROMISE!


  1. Keep up the good work, you awesome mommy!!! I will be wearing green February 8th in support for for a clean scan.

  2. My advice (from a SAHM) is to schedule 1 hour a day where you work on your school stuff and let him play independently. That way for the 1 hour you don't feel bad about not interacting with him. Independent play is important for exploring :). Just set him where you can see him with some books and blocks and toys and work on your homework.

    The craft stuff I only do when Lillian's in bed for the night. It's nearly impossible to watch her and do that stuff (plus she's always wanting to get into it).

  3. Hi Beth! Thanks for the note you left on my (http://myuniqueflowers.blogspot.com) blog. Sometimes it doesn't matter what makes our kids unique, we're this little circle of people who have kids with medical issues, some more scary then others, and we just understand the constant fear, the fact that we really try to enjoy every moment, etc. It's nice to have a group of other parents you can connect with who understand some of what you go through.

    As for the post.... number one ... Keegan is in my prayers!! Chemo is scary. My oldest, we had a leukemia scare with him when he's 2, I remember how terrified I was - but luckily for him, the bone marrow test came back good. I would say you are a strong woman, a strong Mom, but I know - from experience - strength has nothing to do with it. We cry in silence, and we solider on with our children.

    The second thing is your question about the computer. You should have someone come in so you know for sure if there is black mold down there or not. (Black mold is scary ... we think maybe that's what caused some of Nathan's issues because I was exposed through my whole pregnancy with him)... That way you have that answer. Otherwise, my other suggestion would be a laptop - I write, do photography, blog, FB... LOL... and I carry my laptop EVERYWHERE... I can take it in any room and know that I can still get some work done but interact with the kids.

    I know I am online late at night after the kids settled down most nights....... because I would rather spend time with them, then be on the computer all the time.



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