Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things I Have Realized in the Last Two Weeks.....

This is a list, compiled by moi, of things deep and not so deep that have come to me in the last two weeks we have been in the hospital (list form of coarse, its always easier):
  1. This is a tough round of chemo (duh, Beth right?!?!) No I mean really-the mucositis, the vomiting and diarrhea is all so much worse this time.
  2. Keegan is on the upswing of things (we think he peaked on Saturday for the worst possible day yet), that or the continuous dose of Dialaudid is finally right and he is comfortable-either way, the days are much nicer!
  3. Keegan sleeps ALOT when he system is on the rebound he has pretty much been sleeping almost for 24 hours now.
  4. I have scene this campus (IUPUI/Riley) in Spring, Summer, Fall and getting ready to see the winter version-how sad is that? I realized this while walking back over to the hospital from RMH and looking down this beautiful corridor between the parking garage and the outpatient center and almost half the trees have no leaves ::insert pouty face::
  5. I am REALLY looking forward to Christmas this year, not really sure why-I haven't been like this since I was a kid but for some reason this year is extra special and I feel like going all out even though we don't have the money (so I won't don't worry)
  6. We have to buy a new tree. Because of Keegan's transplant we can not put the old one up because it previously (before last year) was stored in its original box complete with water damage from one of the basement floods thus causing molding to the box and thus probably causing mold spores on the tree even though we cant see it. So new tree it is.
  7. I am in love with all things sweet. There.I.said.it! I can't get enough. I go to the grocery trying to get food that I can "live on" during the week while mom, Ryan and family are at home and I am here alone with Kee. It never seems to fail, I come back with cookies, pastries, chips, soda and other very bad things-comfort food, maybe......
  8. I am WAY WAY WAY overweight and out of shape and its depressing. After Keegan was born I planned to get back on the treadmill as soon as the doctor would allow, well; Then all his health issues kept creeping to the surface and I kept pushing it back and pushing it back. I need to get healthy, for me and for my families sake. At this point it has to wait until we are released from Riley and home, this place is not conducive for a diet and/or exercise.
  9. I loathe the Ronald McDonald House. I hate setting foot in that place. To me (and this is my opinion and my opinion only and not about other Ronald McDonald houses worldwide) its dirty, dark, depressing and most if not all of the volunteers are not very nice. I have had a women (I think the same one) on more than one occasion be RUDE beyond words. Our bedroom is gross, there is a HUGE stain of who knows what in the middle of the floor between the 2 beds and the shower never completely drains while you are in it showering.
  10. I LOVE my husband. I always knew that I loved him, but being separated for half the week really makes me miss him and spending quality time with him. He is my best friend and soul mate. It aches my heart on Sunday afternoon when he drives 3 hours home so he can work part of the week only to provide for his family-I know that if he could he would be here with us 24/7-I am positive of that-I LOVE YOU RY!
  11. 5 flights of stairs is a LONG way to go up when you are out of shape see #7 & #8.
  12. There are so many wonderful and caring people throughout this great country that care for Keegan. I have been receiving cards on a daily basis from people far and wide. They give me hope, they give me strength, and help me feel like we are NOT in this fight alone; god has given us lots of people to turn to.
  13. The nurses over her on the Stem Cell side are beyond WONDERFUL. In fact I really enjoy the ones I have gotten to know and would consider them friends. That is a good feeling.
  14. I know who my trues friends are, whether that be IRL or the inter webs, you know who you are and you matter to me!!!
  15. My sister needs a good guy, again my heart aches for her to find her soul mate. I hate that she has to go through guy after guy only to find they are either full of themselves or not mature enough to handle a real relationship (by any means). I have really liked the guys she has dated, but I hope she finds Mr. Right, she deserves it!
  16. Although its tough to find the time to blog, I LOVE it, it helps me vent, and gives you guys a peek into our life!
  17. Keegan hates to have his mouth suctioned. He pushes the wand away everysingletime I get it close. Buddy this stuff is better out than in-PROMISE!
Thanks for bearing with me!
I think today is a good day!


  1. You write up a storm. I enjoy reading each blog and I know. Yes, you know at a time like this who your real friends are. Your blessed with so many and true ones at that. Count your blessing and name them one my one count your many blessing see what GOD has done. You go girl! LOve pam

  2. RMH is depressing. I wish I lived in Indy, you could stay with us!

  3. I know RMH is depressing and not anywhere close to being like home, but try to be thankful for it. Where would you be without it?

  4. you just keep writing and say what you want as long as it helps you! you need an outlet!


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