Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Precaution: Enter at your own risk

We have some funk going down in Room 5162B. Some serious F.U.N.K! Yesterday, what we previously thought was "baby acne", suddenly became a little more serious.

It was a normal  morning, well normal for me for the last 4 weeks. I woke up to sounds of Kee talking in his hospital bed. When I went and checked him out, low and behold the left side of his face, and mainly up along his forehead where his hairline should be was covered with red little zit looking things. When the Fellow and Nurse Practitioner came around during rounds I brought it to their attention. The Fellow thought it was best to test the "bump" by popping them with a sterile swab and sending it off to the lab. These bumps are intriguing because they look to be puss filled but when he burst a few of them open clear liquid came out (gross I know) but this brings me to the more serious nature of the bumps.

So the Fellow tells me it could be one of a variety of things but he is thinking either Herpes (you know the cold sore kind-DON'T BE DIRTY) or Chicken Pox/Shingles. They left the room telling me that infectious disease would be up to take a look and see what they thought. GREAT, we now add infectious disease to our many doctors of specialty....NICE! AND to top it off, I am alone at Riley with Keeg like I always am when something goes down, it works out nicely that way!

Anyway, infectious disease finally rolls around mid to late afternoon. They come to the same conclusion that the Fellow and Nurse Practitioner did and tell the doctors to run a few more tests on the blood they took and the bumps they popped. I might add they were a little intimidating because all 6 or 7 of them came in the room fully gowned dawned with masks and gloves, you would really think we belonged in a Sci-Fi movie or something.

So these bumps don't seem to bother little dude. They don't seem to itch him, burn, him or hurt. This is a good thing. They did bump up his Acyclovir which he gets anyway because he has antibodies for both Herpes and Chicken Pox in his blood stream; most likely from moi.

(this is the lovely Mandy modeling the drug for us)

So, here we are on the day we were supposed to be heading over to our apartment at Ronald McDonald house stuck in the hospital, (its week 4 day 3-but whose counting) and still in the hospital with an unknown funk.

The Doctor is thinking its Chicken Pox/Shingles since the Herpes test came back negative. He wants to see the bumps crust over before he is willing to let us go because this virus is serious and could get bad quick. He is no longer on Drip Dilaudid just on scheduled every 4 hours which tonight will be bumped to 8 to wein him. So we are just waiting on these bumps to make sure nothing more serious is looming, please pray its not !

Here is a pic (although not very good) of the "bumps":

These are just some, not all of the bumps

Here is to hoping that these bumps go away soon and we have not other more serious setbacks!



  1. I am so sorry! Poor Keegan, I pray that this heals quickly and you guys are able to head over to the Ronald McDonald House.

  2. Oh no!! Poor little sweets!! Here's hoping and praying they go away quickly!

  3. Praying for Keegan!! I hope it's nothing serious and it goes away quickly!

  4. Beth,
    I look for your blog almost everyday .... I think It's therapy for you, info. I need because I've become so involved. But, all of you are doing the right thing by putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

    Richard Lavalley


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