Friday, November 5, 2010

Prather Adoption Fundraiser!

Two posts from me in one day-WHAT you might ask is going on with this woman.....Well, something very important has been brought to my attention. There are a couple out there named the Prather's that are trying to adopt a little baby of their own. A blogger friend of mine Cassie over at The Sartins is holding a a fundraiser for her IRL friend The Prather's. Please check it out there are a ton of cool things they are giving away when you make a donation. For every $5 dollars donated you get an entry. If you blog or tweet about it you get another entry-This is a couple that is need of some help and you know even though we need it a lot right now as well, I have always said we would pay it forward. SO with that said I donated $20 how much did you?


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  2. Thanks so much for donating. My Husband and I really appreciate it. I have been reading your blog for sometime now. Your Family and Keegan are always in my thought and prayers.


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