Thursday, October 4, 2012

Something for You and Something for The Kids!

Who doesn't love scentsy? I mean come on, isn't it one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread? Okay well, maybe not one of the greatest but it's pretty high up on my list. I can have my burners going with no fear of a curtain blowing into an open flame or one of the kids I babysit playing with fire. I pretty much love it guys, really, truly and honestly. Now, here is where I am asking for your help.

A friend of mine, Scentsy consultant Ashley O'Connor wanted to something in Keegan's honor. She wrote me a little note on facebook at the beginning of the week saying she wanted to donate 100% of her commission in the month of October to whatever charity I chose in Keegan's honor. Well, its hard to choose just one. I have a list of about 4 that I love beyond measure and will try to raise money in a heartbeat for. So I gave her the name of all four.....Peach's Neet Feet, CureSearch, St. Baldricks, and Give Kids the World. I told her to choose one and that I would be ecstatic with any choice. After all this is in my sweet boys name to a charity whom I love.

She chose Give Kids the World. This place, as you are well aware, hold special place in my heart. Almost a year ago (11/11/11) we traveled to Kissimee FL for our wish trip and stayed at Give Kids the World. Its a magical place filled with hope, laughter and smiles. For one week we were able to cast our fears aside and just enjoy being together as our little family. No needle pricks or appointments, no chemo or therapy. Just our family together enjoying memories that will last a lifetime. To see more on Give Kids the World I encourage you to check out

So this is where you come in. I know most of us have our "scentsy lady", but would you please consider just this one, placing and order with Ashley so that more families like mine can make wonderful memories in one of the most magical places on earth? I myself started with one order on Tuesday...just some smaller stuff....but it was a start to my holiday shopping. It was stocking stuffers and such. So even if you don't buy for yourself, consider starting your Christmas shopping with Ashley because really, its a win win! You get something and the kids at give kids the world gain as well!

Just click on Give Kids the World-Team Keegan! to enter the party!

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