Saturday, September 8, 2012

Standing Up

Last night Stand Up to Cancer aired on all national channels (ABC, NBC, & CBS...unsure about FOX). If you caught it, even a glimpse of it, you probably found yourself trying to take in all these terrible facts, statistics and heart wrenching stories. I found myself, just words in the actual programming bawling like a baby.

It didn't take long for the tears to turn into a big ugly cry. The more stories they told the worse it got. I cried for the mother diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while pregnant, and for Justin, he was one of St Baldricks 2012 ambassadors. I love this quote that Justin said during the telecast:

"I don’t even think about me passing away. But if I do, I’m taking my Legos with me!”

How great is this kiddo?!? In the face of terrible odds and never ending cycles of chemo and other procedures he DOESN'T even think about passing away. I think that is just a testament to the will and fight of a child, don't you think?

The highlight, in my eyes, of the whole entire night was when Taylor Swift performed "Ronan". Ronan was a little boy diagnosed at 3 with Stage IV neuroblastoma. He fought this terrible disease for a little less than year succumbing to the cancer on May 9, 2011. His parents have started a foundation in his name: The Ronan Thompson Foundation. I found out about him and his fight on facebook, of coarse! His foundation also has a page here.

This song hits close to home for this momma. I urge you to watch it and listen to the beautiful words Maya (Ronan's mom) and Taylor swift wrote.

I tried for 30 minutes to get through on the phone to make my donation. It was right after this song that the call finally went through. The poor person that answered had to ask if I was okay and when I told her I was making my donation in honor of my 2 year old son who lost his battle to brain cancer the phone went silent for a few seconds.

It was a very moving and hopefully impact full telecast. I hope the more they put cancer in the spotlight, specifically childhood cancer, the more people get it!  I am Standing Up to Cancer, I hope you do too!

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  1. I listened to this song this morning and while listening I thought of Keegan and you.

    I'm praying for awareness and for a cure for all cancers. I really hate this disease.



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