Tuesday, August 9, 2011

::Pity Party::

We had our CT today of the bowel after 7 days of rest (aka no food for my starving child). The CT showed the problem was getting better but wasn't where it needed to be yet soooooo where does that leave us you might ask.....good question......Stuck in the Hospital till at least next Wednesday if not later. Dr. Shih is starting him on TPN tomorrow evening to give him nutrition since he is clearly loosing weight and if you remember we had TPN back during transplant to supplement the nutrition that he couldn't keep down.

I am just really frustrated that we will be pent up in this little room for still another week while we are waiting for his bowel to heal. I know this is what is best for him but its hard on me. Ry goes back to Evansville during the week to work as much as he can and family comes up on the weekends but just so draining.....enough with my pity party I guess. I am gonna go sulk on my lovely, might I add comfy cot and read Room because Keegan is watching yet another Elmo movie :)

By the way the new Messenger came out and he is in it-right here (pages 6 & 7 to be exact!)

Thanks the for continued support!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Poor Keegan and poor you!!!

    Praying and praying for you girl and your sweet little boy.


  2. Hang in there, Beth !
    God bless you, your husband, and courageous Keegan.

  3. I deactivated FB awhile back so checking your blog as been on my to do list!! Sending prayers of strength & healing for Keegan's body and you and your husband's mind & spirit! Hang in there and continue to fight with that brave little boy!

    All the best,
    Ashley (Copeland)O'Connor


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