Friday, August 12, 2011

3 weeks, Epic Fail, and a New Addiction

As of tonight around 11pm we will have been inpatient 3 weeks folks. Three whole friggin weeks we have been cooped up in our home away from home trying our hardest to eat semi normal and not spending too much money since we have no earthly clue how much this is going to all cost in the end.

When you think oh three weeks isn't all that bad, think about what Kee has endured. He has gone paralyzed, been NPO (no food intake) since July 31st, had 11 does of proton beam therapy which means 11 trips to Bloomington Via ambulance. He has had 2 CT's on his belly 1 week apart. He has also gone from a VERY high dose of steroids to a still high dose for his little body. Family has come and family has gone. Coffee dates with friends have been had as well as a night eating dinner on the canal with 2 glasses of Mascato instead of one. Its been a long 3 weeks and I fully anticipate being here for at least another full week (not to be a pessimist or anything).  Oh and its been three long weeks  of Elmo, Elmo and more Elmo.....if that is what makes him happy at this point, so be it!

So lets get on to my EPIC FAIL, epic fail is defined by Urban Dictionary as-a mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to successfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group (example: Jack: Uh, dude? I may or may not have wrecked 14 Ferraris with my moped after derailing a whole train carrying nothing but kittens and puppies... Jim: Epic Fail, Man. EPIC Fail). This individual or group would be myself.

So here is the scenario: Keeg's is laying in bed watching Elmo while being hooked up by foot to the heart/O2 monitor and also his central line is hooked up to TPN (remember food in a bag that goes through his blood for  nutrients that costs somewhere in the ballpark of $1200 a bag...) YEA that TPN. I wanted snuggled time while watching Elmo in the big comfy recliner in our Stem Cell room. I go to pick him up making sure that I have not "compromised" any of his attachments and lift ever so gently only to snap his line in HALF!!! The TPN started leaking out of its end and bright RED blood spurting out the line that is connected into his heart. I immediately clamp off the heart end so he didn't bleed everywhere and had Anthony yell for my nurse since I was not close to the call button. Our nurse shows up, finds the clamp that flew off slides it on the line that is still bleeding since its attached to his heart and clamps it down. She turns off the pump and we gather ourselves.

The TPN has to be throw.away! I could have kicked myself-welp there goes $1200 down the drain because it could "possibly be tainted". We also had to redo his access port since it was broken and possibly tainted. Our wonderful nurse had no clue how to re access his port so we had to call in another nurse thus making me feel even worse, mind you I didn't actually mean to do this but I still felt bad. Keegs was crying, my heart was breaking and I felt bad on so many levels. So that is my epic fail. Ugh!

So onto my new addiction.......drum roll PLEASE........

That is all!


  1. Try some almond butter on whole wheat toast and spread some nutella on there.... Heaven! Oh but don't try the almond butter by itself... It's gross (but very good for u) :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe that is only the first time you've had a line break!!! It's so easy to have happen when you just want to snuggle and have to navigate around all those pesky lines. Glad you had a wonderful nurse to help and that you found Nutella too!

  3. It's those little things in life that bring us happenness!
    Your so lucky this is your first time. Don't worry about it, Your in the best place for something like this to happen.
    Hang in there little momma. Your doing a good job!
    Love you guys,pam

  4. Glad there was quick help for that line break and very happy things are ok.

    I totally love Nutella but can't have it anymore because of food allergies. Enjoy it, it goes with almost anything sweet.

    Praying and praying for Keegan,

  5. Being a nurse (NICU), I don't think you are at fault in the epic fail. I think it was a poor connection or faulty line. It happened to me once with a PICC line, very scary. I pray for you, Keegan, and your family everyday!! Carrie

  6. The lines are always so hard to navigate, especially when you just want to hold your baby. I woke up one night to Scarlett laying in a puddle of blood because a nurse accidentally didn't screw the line tight enough. My first reaction was PANIC, then management. I'm sorry you lost some valuable TPN. It's hard to not think about the costs. Our longest hospital stay was 3.5 weeks, and I remember how confining it was (even for just one day! I'm writing from the hospital now.) You're doing great, and Keegan is lucky to have you there with him. And, good for you for getting out for treats!


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