Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whats that? You're Home?

We are HOME! I don't know if I can believe it myself but we are here. Resting comfortably in our own home in Evansville. Monday morning we (my mom, myself and Keegan) got up early and headed over to Riley for our 9:30 MRI. I had already pre-packed most of Keegan and I's belongings and were just waiting on the "go ahead" from our stem cell doctors to head on home.

Keegan's MRI didn't officially start until around 10:30, an hour after it was scheduled to start-which was very frustrating. He had to be sedated (of coarse, he always is) and was gone in the back for 2 hours! When he finally came out he was REAL cranky so mom and I attempted to give him a bottle of water thickened with apple sauce. He wanted nothing to do with it, our nurse needed him to take something before she would let us go so we laid him down and let him "rest" with the bottle. He then began devouring it. After we were released from MRI we practically RAN up to the third floor in clinic for our weekly stem cell appointment.

They drew his blood, he finished his bottle, and the nurse practitioner and Dr. Haut came in to talk to us about the "plan". He said everything looked great (minus this nasty skin rash he can't seem to kick) and that "preliminarily" the MRI looked unchanged and stable. This helped to ease my fears but when they did let me know that Dr. Shih still needed to read it along with a radiologists and they would call me, I think my heart skipped a couple of beats, I just HATE not knowing.

I basically told Dr. Haut we were ready to leave and that I had most of the apartment at Ronald McDonald house packed up. He kinda snickered and said, I am surprised you don't have the car loaded yet! So exciting to hear the words HOME. I hadn't slept in my bed since October 16th and it was LONG overdue.

We went home with a Hemoglobin of 8.5 which is "okay" but not great. They told me to watch his irritability and paleness and to let them know if I saw either. We left the HEMOC clinc last Monday and the nurse practitioner was gonna email me our next appointment date and some advice from our nutritionist on weaning Kee off the pump.

Verdict is, We are headed back to Indy on Monday the 12th for a clinic visit, I am nervous because they are saying its supposed to snow on Sunday, I would hope the major roads will be clear by Monday morning but nonetheless, I drive and Impala (no 4 wheel drive this year!). Wish us luck, my lil sister is going with me cause I hate traveling alone.

I have a few special posts coming up and are very excited to share. Sorry this post is kinda dull with no pics. I haven't been good about pics lately. I think its because I still trying to adjust to a new normal.
Thanks for hanging in here and welcome to my new followers I have had the pleasure of meeting through the blog hops I have participated in! 

Talk to you soon!

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy y'all are home in time for Christmas and look forward to more updates. I will be thinking good thoughts for you that the roads are cleared by the 12th. *hugs*


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