Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do I have smoke coming out of my ears?

Warning: This post is not a happy post, if you are looking for a pleasant puppy dogs and rainbows post please wait utnil tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

Now onto a very important topic that I am sure many of my readers will find intresting and very upsetting.
Backstory: My mother in law was fighting Breast Cancer back in '04, it was then that I turned to Susan G. Komen and their efforts to raise money to help my mother in law's case. I donated, walked, you name it I tried to do it in the name of Breast cancer and all the brave women fighting worldwide. With that said, it was brought to my attention by my friend over at The Sartins via The Layla Grace Foundation, some intresting information about The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The article that Cassie shared, and thus has gone viral on facebook between a lot of my friends is this one.  It goes into great detail how the foundation (that is what we are going to refer to them as for the safe of typing it all out) has gone to extreme lengths to go after/sue small little mom and pop foundations that use "for the cure" in their title or activites.  According to this article on The Huffington Post dot com, the foundation has filed legal action against over a hundred  smaller entities that use the term in their heading, example: Kites for a Cure.  According to this article the foundation came after them hard and heavy. They were fortunate to have lawyers want to help with no charge and fought the foundation to win! (Good for them!!) However, they have to make sure that all there advertisement and such bears that it is for "lung cancer" so people don't think its associated with the foundation. Absolutely. Ridiculous! They can also never use the color pink in anything? But as someone quoted in the article adds, where is the line drawn, what if they use Carnation pink or Magenta for a specific purpose, will the war start all over?

Its also pointed out in the article that the money "the foundation" is using to pay for these big ticket lawyers is money that has been donated to the foundation for research purposes. Although they claim this is only a small percentage of the funds received, when I donate to a certain organization or cause I want to know that it is going for the better good, not to help destroy other charitable organizations.

I.am.livid! There is no other way to put it and I am not going stand for this. From now on, I am not going to particiate in any, I REPEAT any Foundation related events. I also vow to NOT purchase products that give percentages to The foundation i.e. yogurt, kotex and such. You should also be aware of this article. You be your own judge. But I am making a vow to myself and all the people fighting cancer worldwide, like Keegan, I WILL NO LONGER support The foundation, this is appaling and I am not going to stand for it!


  1. This makes me so MAD!!! I agree with you. I will not support this Foundation again. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be passing the info along.

    P.s. I am so glad you guys are home:0)
    You all are always in my prayers.

  2. I completely agree with you. Their actions as a charity (or an any entity) are absolutely outrageous.

    I am utterly disappointed with what this organization has chosen to "stand for".

  3. Oh my gosh, I'd be livid too! That is completely unreasonable of them!!!


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