Friday, October 22, 2010

I have a Beef with Something!

Can I just let it out?!? I don't know if you guys can handle it but it's oh so true. Since Keegan was diagnosed I have written a couple of news stations, our local paper at home, The Ellen Show, and Hoda and Kathy Lee. I was trying to get the word out about childhood cancer and/or Brain Cancer is such small babies. It is a growing issue that I feel needs more attention and research. is my BEEF (no not the cow) NO.ONE.HAS.WANTED.TO.PICK.UP.THE.STORY! They would rather talk about how many meth labs are busted on a given weekend or how a mother is now in jail for neglect after they found her toddler playing in a home filled with trash and no running water. While some of these things do need attention, I feel that our story (although sad at times, I know) is one of hope. One of an online community and people around the country coming together for the good of our family. We have had such response from people saying they are praying for us, sending us a crib medal, prayer shawl, and other encouraging items. I don't understand our media.

I recently contacted 3 local news stations, 3 national news stations, our newspaper, and 3 radio stations. I need help getting the word out about a fundraiser that dear friends and family are taking the time to put together for us before the holiday season. Its sort of a craft fair and sorta an exhibition for people that sell things like scentsy and pampered chef-it's called Krafting for Keegan and is coming up very soon, November 13th. I have only received 2 responses to date and I did this emailing at the bargaining of the week. Both were from radio stations. Which I am so blessed they even responded but come on people, would it hurt so much to do a story on an inspiring little boy who has known nothing but to fight for his life?

It's okay to do stories about Iraq, flooding, and loss of life due to mass homicides but REALLY come on Media, snap out of it, let's give the people of America a story of substance, a story of real life miracles, and the love of people both near a that so hard?



  1. I hear you. I heard about your story from my cousin Crystal ( after she bought clothes at a garage sale raising money for Keegan. I'm a teacher and every Friday in my classes we talk about major stories in the news- we talked about that neglect case- but cases like Keegan's never seem to crop up. You would think that people would want to hear about life stories they can actually make a difference in rather than those they have to just shake their heads and say "Oh, that's terrible," to. I wish I knew someone, anyone in the media to share your story with, but I don't. My suggestion would be to keep doing what you're doing; try to spread the word as often as you can so that when someone with media contacts does see your story they can bring it to light! Wish I could do more than share my opinion. :(

  2. Beth, I've reached out to a friend who has a weekly column in the Vincennes Sun Commercial. He's aware of your situation and may even be listed on Keegan's facebook site. I don't know if he can help, but he may have some ideas for you. Hang in there, and remember Keegan is touching so many lives and you and your family are an inspiration to many of us.
    Prayers are sent up daily for you all

  3. Call them. They are much more likely to respond to someone on the phone than an email. Call & keep calling.

  4. I totally agree. It seems that the recent racy photos of the cast of GLEE are getting more airtime than things that actually matter. See if you can track down email addresses for local anchors. Is there a local morning or afternoon show in your area? See if they'll pick it up... that's what I'm going to do for Team Abby when I finally get a free minute.

  5. I think you should try contacting Channel 6 WRTV in Indianapolis, since it's right by Riley and The Ronald McDonald House. I have attached their link. I watch them in the morning and they seem to be more caring about their community.

    Also maybe you should do a quick post asking everyone to grab your button, that's how I was informed about your cause, from Making Lemonade's blog supporting your button. That might help gain some worthy attention also. We are your team and we are all here to support! :)

  6. I say that we all start emailing, calling, and writing letters to these stations and places to shout out about this for Keegan and other babies like them.
    who do we write to Beth?? If you can help guide us in the right direction, I think we will all jump on board?

    Can you write a post with that info asking for everyone to "petition" and write?? SHOUT OUT for KEEGAN & BABIES!!!



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