Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's New Wednesday

So I think I am gonna do away with Wordless Wednesday for now and starts "What's New Wednesday". Every week I am gonna try to document things Kee has learned, new foods and our general "doings". I feel this will hold me a little more accountable to post and let everyone know what is going on-sometimes I just get in the rut and either forget to post or just don't have the energy to do so (I know lame right?!?!?!).

Because list form is easy to read and write I am gonna try to do bullets to its easy to follow! So no further adue:

  • PT-While Keegan is not crawling yet we are working our way both towards crawling and walking, if you can believe it.
  • PT-He can go from a sitting position down to his side and back up to sitting (this means he is gaining muscles-yea!!!)
  • PT-He can also stand and hold on to the couch with no assistance-I sit there just in case but he can hold this position for minutes without a rest-how is that for stamina!!!!
  • OT-He can take the parts of animals out of his leap frog magnet barn and put another animal up to make a new noise-HUGE accomplishment.
  • Speech-We are working with him to make more noises. Right now he is pretty limited to Ugh Huh, Dadda, & mama. We are focusing on animal sounds.
  • Speech-He is moving his tongue to the side and out to his lips more, our therapist is ecstatic! This means as he gains more muscles to eat he is learning how to move his tongue so he can move food to the back of his mouth!!!

New Things:
  • Kee is now eating things other than thickened pureed baby food! We have moved on to the word of cottage cheese w/ and w/o fruit chunks (chopped way down), mac and cheese (homemade and Kraft) and we have given him quite a few bottles of Organic Vitamin D whole milk (he is still mainly on formula)
  • When you say "where is Keegan's head?" he puts his hand up on top of his head, we are currently working on where is Keegan's belly and toes. Hopefully I can report on those next week.
  • He is LOVIN the outdoors (while this is nothing new), I felt the need to mention it because while the weather warms up we are bringing him out on the porch more and more to enjoy the sunshine and change of scenery. We brought him in on Saturday for intermittent breaks and he got VERY mad and started crying and would not stop until he was brought back outside.
  • Keegan is now in love with Sesame Street! We have moved on from the BackYardigans(thank goodness because we have watched EVERY.single.EPISODE. of all three seasons on Netflix on demand 2,671 times!
  • His collar bone is healing up nicely, we went to the doctor today and the xray showed the break to be healing.
  • He currently has a rash on his belly. I had Dr. C take a look at it today, he thinks its just contact dermatitis; I was afraid that it had something to do with the milk intake.
The Family:
  • Daddy is going on the annual Men's Hiking trip this weekend, it leaves Keegan in my hands all weekend, thank goodness I have mom's help along with my sister Abby.
  • We worked on landscaping out front in our home on Saturday since the  weather was so nice. We figure if we EVER want to sell our house in the next couple of years we need to work on curb appeal since we have pretty much redone the inside!
  • My garden is coming along nicely (well "technically" its not a garden yet). Almost all my starters have sprouted and we are just waiting for a few more weeks until I can plant them outside-I just need tips on how to keep beetles and weeds down once we move them. (any and all advice is accepted)
That's pretty much it for our for our first installment! Please feel free to leave me feedback and what you would really like to know and see. I am kinda going into this blind but feel like I want and need to give my followers and lurkers more updates!

With Love,


  1. All this information is wonderful. Glad to hear he is doing so well. I think your new Wednesday section will be great and inspirational. I thought of you and Kee today. I was listening to K-Love and they were talking about a guy on FB, McRunner. He needed to get so many people to like his FB page and then a NFP charity will donate $5000 to the Ronald McDonald house (on top of what he had already raised). Do you know that within 30 mins the K-Love listeners had made this happen? So I too 'liked' the page in honor of you and your story. Looking forward to hearing more about Kee accomplishments! :)

  2. Fantastic progress!! I stated my kids with animal sounds as well, it was so cute.
    I am very pleased to hear that his colar bone is mending! Praise God! And that Keegan is getting muscle control, what a big job for him and you too mom.
    My kids never wanted to be inside they always wanted to be out even if it was cold and especially if it was raining. The lure of puddles got them everytime. :)

    Can you let us know your prayer requests? I pray often for Keegan and I have a spot on my blog where I post prayer requests.

    Praying and praying. Thanks for this wonderful update.

  3. What awesome accomplishments and successes!! I enjoyed reading this blog and look forward to updates. Have a great weekend with your little man!

  4. I think your new Wednesday section is a fantastic idea. Really inspirational for the readers. And good for you too, so you can see all the small and big accomplishments.
    Love it, that Keegan likes to be outside. My kids are the same. We go outside practically everyday.
    So Keegan has a weekend with 3 lovely women? Good for him. He totally deserves it. And your husband will hopefully come back refreshed and with new energy. That will be good for Keegan, for you, for everybody really.



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